Our Purpose

For a graphic representation of what we do, see the 7-30-2018 post

Service Synergy develops and promotes intercultural friendships through facilitation of service opportunities, including the two Projects linked here. Immersion in another culture, its land, its people and their language, whether at home or abroad, is one way

  • to learn about one’s self and others, and
  • to build intercultural friendships.

Such immersed, hands-on learning is necessary for Americans to understand and appreciate their own diverse homeland’s peoples and cultures as well as those of people abroad.

Serving one another, shoulder to shoulder, promotes mutual understanding and healthy community. Service Synergy helps people recognize and build global community one friendship at a time.

Ambassador Service-Study is a credit-earning, service learning, integrated, independent study curriculum template and communications hub for high school and college students. With the template, a student ambassador creates an individualized study and service program in collaboration with parents, schools and communities. Schools approve the program, keep the student enrolled while he/she is abroad, and award credit for work completed. Parents see to the safety of their student while abroad. Through the hub, communities, schools, and families benefit from what the student ambassador learns and presents through his/her weekly online communiques to his/her “home team.” The ambassador student becomes the “child that teaches a whole village.”

Casa Grace is a prototype of an office/ home base for service and learning abroad, in Tepic, Nayarit, Mexico.  Casa Grace facilitates specific, local, mutually beneficial, service opportunities for adults, groups, families and students. Supporting caregivers at a children’s home and creating a future a young women’s residence are among such opportunities.

Launching cottage industries and cooperatives is another way Casa Grace can facilitate service and learning. Some examples are creating libraries, providing language education, and providing space for hospitality. The activities of the home base maintain and build strong local and intercultural relationships. All cottage industry launched by a home base has the goal of becoming self-sustaining and locally owned.