Cottage Industry #1 for Casa Grace, Hospitality

More people will find the NEW Casa Grace with its new AirBnB posting. When enough people visit, hospitality at Casa Grace will be a business management job for Norma, who grew up the children’s home across the street, and who now volunteers at their school teaching the children English and Computers. She has four amazing daughters aged 6-16, 3 of them at the school.

Please “Share” the listing page, or plan a trip yourself. 10% of income from bookings, which are tax-deductible donations, and all profits go the the caregivers at the children’s home.


We Begin

We are “official!”  Service Synergy’s non-profit paperwork is filed. The footwork began years ago in Tepic, and in Southern Oregon high schools. Now this fledgling website will be filling you in. The IRS has determined that we are tax exempt as of August 3, 2017. We await a few more teammates to step up, including a treasurer and advisors, both local and abroad.

You can view our public documentation on Our Purpose page.