Jump In!

Have you wanted to better understand, appreciate, enjoy and relate with your Hispanic students and neighbors? Jump In! is a flexible experiential learning framework especially designed for that. Whether you’re an experienced traveler or not, speak Spanish or not, you can tailor your 1-to 4- week project to suit your needs and goals. Simply keep logs, journal daily, take notes, and share what you’re learning.

The “Jump In!” flyer-overview to with links to contact and more info

The adaptable “Jump In!” Syllabus will frame your own experiential learning


Donate Without Money!

Some of you have been with Bernie for the whole 25 years she has been going to Tepic to serve the Children’s home, their neighbors, and their friends. We created Service Synergy, an education 501(c)3 non-profit, in 2017 to cover potential educational aspects of our activity in Tepic. These educational activities could be done anywhere on the globe to build global citizenship through relationships with people of other lands, languages, and cultures.  Non-profit status opens doors of opportunity to both activity and funding. We hope you’ll participate in these two painless ways to support Service Synergy: Fred Meyer and Amazon donate a percentage of purchases made by participants who choose Service Synergy as “their” non-profit. The first year’s donation from Fred Meyer will become scholarships for students learning and serving abroad. To “participate” with
If you would share this info with anyone who uses Fred Meyer or Amazon, you’d be doing a good thing! To encourage us, please let me know if you took either of these actions. As always, there is still the opportunity to  make normal donations on our Donate page.

Bernie Weigand, President

Creating global citizens one friendship at a time

We Begin

We are “official!”  Service Synergy’s non-profit paperwork is filed. The footwork began years ago in Tepic, and in Southern Oregon high schools. Now this fledgling website will be filling you in. The IRS has determined that we are tax exempt as of August 3, 2017. We await a few more teammates to step up, including a treasurer and advisors, both local and abroad.

You can view our public documentation on Our Purpose page.

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