Jump In!

(6-3-22) This page is under construction, so check back or please connect directly to Bernie Weigand with your questions, thoughts and contact information at 541-621-7467 in a voice message if I can’t pick up, or at the “Contact” tab on our site, email servsyn1@gmail.com, or in the “Reply” box at the bottom of this page.

The Jump In! flyer probably brought you here, but if not, see it at the link.

There are three ways to enjoy and employ Jump In!, summarized below, which all earn hours or PDU’s. They may also earn academic credit. The proposed Syllabus , summarized below, is adaptable to your needs and goals.

  • Travel, pursue independent studies, and collaborate on AmbaSS
  • Travel and pursue independent studies
  • Simply collaborate on AmbaSS on site or off site

Travel (to, in and around Tepic) Future versions of Jump In! could easily be located in a place of your choosing.

Independent Study (your choice of emphasis) Your reflection journals, Blog posts and Discussion replies will inspire others to create their own experiential learning projects

Collaborate (help refine and develop AmbaSS)

Academic Credit and/or PDU’s: An adaptable syllabus is provided for you to fit to your situation. College students can take it to their advisor or professors before undertaking the project to discuss how your independent study and/or practicum may be translated into academic language. Once your project is approved for earning credit, continue preparing and then go to your destination and begin. Upon completing your logs and reflection journal, collect your certificate of participation from Service Synergy, and bring it all to whomever will award credit. High school students can follow a similar process with their counselors and teachers. A template proposal letter is provided


As an example, the lowest airfare, round trip, from Medford, Oregon (MFR) to Puerto Vallarta (PVR) between June and September is about $450. (Alaska Airlines, United and Delta). Tepic has a small airport, but routing to it is more expensive and requires a leg beginning in Mexico. Taxi fare from PVR airport  to PuertoVallarta’s central bus station, 1 km away, is $10-15. Bus fare from Central bus station to Tepic is $22 one way. The trip lasts about 3 hours air-conditioned with movies, but the scenery is much better. At Tepic’s Central bus station you can get a cab to anywhere in Tepic. (More specific and detailed Info is here-link)

If you require private car pickup or delivery between PVR airport and Tepic, expect a $150 charge each way.

Taxis in Tepic are about 50 pesos, $2.50. Local buses are 8 pesos, $.40. 

Passport is necessary.

Explorations,  Adventures and Weekly Day Trips  include so many possibilities! Eating, shopping, touring, beaching, visiting friends— I can make a list to choose from, and/or we can let the outings develop organically among us. At least one day a week could be dedicated to fun and relaxation as a group.


Stay at Casa Grace, $30/day per  person. Half of that goes to the caregivers at the children’s home as a cash bonus. Lodging at Casa Grace is prioritized: first, free for up to 6 participants who dedicate 20+ hrs. per week serving Service Synergy by collaborating on refining and developing the AmbaSS curriculum;  second, half price for those who serve the Children’s home. You might be sharing a room. All house privileges are included, and community use spaces include, living room, kitchen, bathrooms, and patio.  

A homestay in a Mexican family home nearby, one meal a day provided, might incur a possible stipend of about $200/week. I can make inquiries if that option interests you. There are very reasonable Airbnb’s and student rooms in the city. 

Airbnb displays many options in Tepic


Expect about $5 a day in  food expenses if you eat moderately at Casa Grace, cooking simple meals for yourself, or sharing them. One might also hire a cook for Casa Grace to serve traditional meals at Casa Grace. Eating out presents a wonderful array of options.

About the facilitator: Bernie has been visiting Tepic and building relationships there for 25 years. An Oregon certified language teacher, she has experienced the benefits of immersion first hand and through her three children who achieved fluency in Spanish simply by living and playing with the Casa de Ninos family. Many other educators have confirmed the value of living abroad, immersed. Watch these four short teachers’ videos for encouragement and inspiration.

Fees: The Jump In! facilitator stipend is $100 per week. $50 is due at the time of application and is not refundable. The rest is due the week before your arrival, when it, too, becomes non-refundable. After July 1, 2022, the stipend fee doubles. These fees will be considered a donation to Service Synergy, and you will receive a tax-deductible receipt for them. Our donation page, https://servicesynergy.org/donate/ , has a handy button to pay through, plus information on other ways to help move us forward.

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  1. Hi I am a 5th grade Teacher at Orchard Hill elementary and I am interested in doing this program this summer. I would like to bring my wife and baby as well. I was wanting to get more information and costs of the program. Thank you


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